Mia Menthol


Target Species: Poultry
Pack size: 1Ltr
Pak Enl: 0025.0010


Supportive therapy for all respiratory

  • Post-vaccination reaction to live vaccines( IB & NCD)
  • Supportive therapies during and after respiratory disease like IB, NDC, CRD, IC, and AI. It should be used for 3 days
  • Breathing problems due to dryness and mucous membrane of RT
  • Effective for cold and sneezing
Feeding Recommendation:

Via Drinking Water: Add 250ml of mia menthol into 1000ltr of drinking water for 24000 chickens. Use medicated water twice a day. Depending upon the water consumption dosage can be adjusted accordingly
Via Spray Method: For 24000 chicken up to 3 weeks of age usage 250ml of mia menthol in 10lt of water twice per day. In older fowls use 500ml of mia menthol in 10ltr of water twice per day. These treatments can be repeated at the recommended dosage until the desired result are obtained




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