Target Species: Poultry
Pack size: 500ml
Pak Enl: 085013


Composition: Each Dose of vaccine contain:
Inactivated New Castle Disease Virus( NDV)…..LaSota Strain min. 50PD50
Inactivated Infectious Bronchitis Disease Virus, strain “M-41″……induced min. 6log2HI

Indication: ITA ND-IB, an inactivated oil emulsified vaccine, is indicated for the active immunization of poultry against Newcastle Disease (ND) and Infectious Bronchitis Disease (IBD)

Route of Administration: The vaccination program should be according to the epidemic situation of the region. Therefore a veterinarian advice is required

Dosage For Use: Use only as directed in package insert

Precautions: Store at 2-8 C
Do not freeze


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