Target Species: All Species
Pack size: 1kg
Pak Enl: 00749.0002

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Composition: Each for 100 gram contains:
Ammonium chloride…….44.5g
Magnesium sulphate……..25g
Sodium sulphate………25g
Excipient s.q.f…….100g

Indication: Hepaturyl is indicated for its diuretic and detoxifying effects in case of hepatic and renal insufficiencies, food or drug poisoning as a complement to antibiotic and sulfonamide treatments, unbalanced feed, serious stress, high production periods.

Route of Administration: Oral route for 3-5 days

Dosage For Use: Poultry- In drinking water 1g/ litre/ day (100g sachet for 100 litres od water)
Other species- Using a drenching gun (mixed with drinking water or liquid feed) 1g/ 10kg body weight/ day

Storage: In its original packing, in a dry place


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